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Halloween is all year round at our house!

Halloween is all year round at our house!


Becoming bitchen stitches

Growing up, Cait's super rad and creative guru Mom would always call anything cool "bitchen," so when Cait started embroidering, it seemed all too perfect not to use that in her name as a shout out to the incredible woman who birthed her, encourages her, and taught her all things crafty.

About Cait

Born and raised on Los Angeles, Cait Goss created Bitchen Stitches in late 2017 after discovering her love of embroidery. A life-long crafter, Cait finally found her groove in the meditative stitching process and began creating original designs inspired by body positivity, pop culture, sexuality, and self love.  She loves halloween, cheeseburgers, and most of all snuggling up on the couch with her fiance while they Netflix and stitch.