Bitchen Stitches offers three types of embroidery services: Embroidery Workshops, Live Hand Embroidery (Promotional Event). Please contact Cait at Bitchen Stitches for more information on pricing and event details to set up your party or event!


Embroidery Workshops

Looking to build crafty community at your local store or boutique? Why not host an embroidery workshop? Bitchen Stitches will work collaboratively with your store to promote and host an embroidery workshop that all can enjoy! You can choose any design you’d like or have Bitchen Stitches create a custom design for the workshop! Contact Cait for more details on pricing and workshop information.


Live Hand Embroidery: Promotional Events

Calling all Bitchen Boutiques and Crafty Shoppes! Looking for crafty ways to promote your brand or store! Why not hire Bitchen Stitches to come show off some live freehand embroidery! Cait has worked with a variety of stores including J Crew and Barney’s NY to provide complementary live hand embroidery to happy customers! Entice curious shoppers by offering complementary live embroidery on purchases or custom swag!

workshop 2.jpg

Embroidery Parties

Why settle for regular parties when you can make yours crafty!? Got a baby shower coming up? Why not get creative with hand embroidered onesies or burp clothes made by your guests? Wedding or birthday coming up? Bring in Bitchen Stitches to help host your event! Guests will love getting to create their own hoops that they get to take home and remember your party forever!